The ‘Agency Advantage’ when looking for work

Saving time Unless you are incredibly lucky, at one point in your life you’re going to have to actively search for a job. After all, they don’t just magically appear and come to us, or do they? Recruitment agencies actually do make that apparent impossibility a...

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Recruitment Agencies 101

Have you ever wondered what a recruitment agency is, how they work or who uses them? This article will answer all of your questions – and more. What is a recruitment agency? A recruitment agency is a firm that acts as a liaison between organisations looking to recruit...

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Land Your Dream Job With These 3 Steps

Land Your Dream Job With Advice From HuffingtonPost Landing a dream job is like make a good sale - it has to follow a system and you need to approach it like a professional. Online job search expert and HuffingtonPost author, Susan P. Joyce, summarises this process in...

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3 Reasons To Work With A Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency could be the most important partnership you make, especially if you are a growing company, always on the lookout for new talent. An agency can take the tedious and costly recruitment process off your hands, and use their expertise and wide market...

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