Whether your firm is a multinational corporation or a small start up business, when the time comes to grow your team you may begin to think about the option of using a recruitment agency but find yourself wondering – is it worth it?

You are not alone. Many entrepreneurs find themselves unsure about whether using a skilled recruitment specialist is the best path for their business, wondering if the expense is worth a line item in their budget. We believe that using a recruitment firm is the best option for any hiring need, and so we have compiled a list of five reasons why it always pays to use a recruitment agency.

  1.  A recruitment agency saves your time for what you do best

Let’s face it – hiring takes a lot of time. Scanning CVs, writing job descriptions, contacting applicants and conducting interviews – these are all part of the lengthy process that takes you away from your core skills and duties. Leaving these tasks to a recruitment professional will allow you to be far more productive – not to mention often result in a more successful hire.

  1. They have a deep understanding of the market

A recruitment professional ‘has their finger on the pulse’ of whatever hiring market they specialise in – they can give you valuable insight you might otherwise lack. They will know about available talent, competitive salary rates, current skill sets and more. Take advantage of this important knowledge –it will save you time and money. 

  1. They can help build your employer brand

Your employer brand is more important than ever.  If you are part of a large corporation, you might even have an entire department dedicated to employer branding, but smaller businesses and SMEs do not have this luxury. A great recruitment agency can help you build your brand and give candidates a valuable insight into your business and the benefit of working for you. 

  1. A recruitment agency has an extended reach

The best candidates for your position can be difficult to fine – they may not even be looking for a new job at this time. If they don’t respond to your job listings you might never even know they exist! A great recruiter will know of these hidden gems, have many of them in their networks, and will not hesitate to reach out to them with your job prospectus. 

  1. Using a recruiter makes good financial sense

Though the use of a recruitment agency will cost you money, when you consider the amount of time that it will free in your own daily schedule (time you can use to increase your own productivity and secure new contracts with buyers) the decision is often a huge money saving measure. Recruiters can find you the best candidates for your vacant position, improving your staff retention and preventing you from going through this costly process more often than is necessary.

As you can see, using a recruitment agency has many benefits. Do you have your own reasons? Leave your comments below.

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