3 Reasons To Work With A Recruitment Agency?

A recruitment agency could be the most important partnership you make, especially if you are a growing company, always on the lookout for new talent. An agency can take the tedious and costly recruitment process off your hands, and use their expertise and wide market reach to bring you candidates, not CVs. Let’s look at the 3 main reasons why you should be working with a staffing agency:

1.Recruitment Expertise

The recruitment process is as complex as a marketing campaign. You need to define your target market, find out where they like to hang out, how to reach and attract them, and then create a know-like-trust factor so that they can buy from you. Likewise, when you have a new vacancy in your business, you need to market it to the right candidate, find out where that ideal candidate hangs out, grab their attention and invite them to apply. Easier said than done, especially when you spend time and money advertising a job vacancy and you receive 100 CVs that are not your ideal candidates. That’s where a recruitment agency and their expertise can help you. You only need to send them the job description and they do the rest of the work for you. Recruitment agencies have their own marketing strategies, established brands and databases of candidates. They know where your ideal candidate hangs out and they can reach out to them immediately. Their expertise gets your job vacancy in front of the right candidates, and instead of 100 CVs, you get 5 candidates that have already been pre-interviewed.

2. Smarter Use Of Resources

If you manage your recruitment process in-house, you need to allocate time and money to every step of the process, from creating the vacancy to advertising it, collecting CV’s, short-listing, carrying out telephone and face-to-face interviews. For this you need to have experienced staff, who can manage the recruitment process, represent your brand  in front of candidates and be able to identify the best fit for your company. The process needs knowledge and strategy and a significant amount of resources. When you opt for work with a local recruitment agency in West Yorkshire, they will ensure to maximise the benefits of the time and money you spend on the recruitment process.

3. Long-Lasting Relationships

A good recruitment agency is client-orientated and focuses on understanding your business and staffing needs. After they’ve successfully placed candidates into key roles in your organisation, they can continue repeating that process every time you have a a new vacancy. This will help you to create a long-lasting relationship with your local staffing agency, and rely on them as a valuable resource for your business, every time you have a vacancy to fill. They will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to represent your brand in the best light, save you time and money during the recruitment process and help you attract the right talent your company needs.

Where To Find The Best Recruitment Agency in West Yorkshire

When you need a recruitment agency, always go local, to ensure your agency understands your needs. The Clever Fish Recruitment believe in serving both candidates and client’s through a brighter recruitment service. They focus on open communication, in depth understanding of your brand and strategic candidate search. The Clever Fish Recruitment only put you in contact with the strongest candidates for your vacancy. Find out more about Clever Fish Recruitment Agency Huddersfield here. Read their client testimonials here. If you want to contact The Clever Fish Recruitment directly, simply call them at 01484 513333, send them an email at info@thecleverfish.co.uk or send them a message via the contact form here.

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