5 job perks that your staff will love, that won't break the bank.

5 job perks that your staff will love, that won't break the bank.


Whether you have a small business that employs just a few staff members or you are the owner or manager of a multinational firm, one of your greatest assets is your brand. Of course, your brand usually refers to the reputation that you have amongst your customers, and most people speak about branding's important to sales and marketplace success.

With that said, one of your most important brand resources is not simply about your attractiveness to customers; your employer brand is also integral to your long term success and a healthy bottom line. A strong employer brand will help you to attract the best talent in your field, and most importantly it can help you to retain the key performers that you already employ. This will save you money on recruitment, hiring, training and lost productivity when you are short staffed.

While we have blogged here about the big picture things you can do in order to increase your employer brand, there are also many smaller, more affordable perks that you can do around your office to increase your employer brand.

  • Gym schemes, in office yoga and aerobics instructors - Arranging for a yoga teacher, an aerobics instructor or similar to come and visit your office during lunch breaks, before work hours or at the end of the day can be a fantastic way to encourage your employees to get fit (thus reducing their time off for illness), all the while promoting a fun and healthy workplace.
  • Provide healthy snacks - While you may be accustomed to providing tea, coffee, sugary drinks and biscuits to your staff, these refreshments are standard - not to mention unhealthy. Try providing fresh juices, nuts, fruits and even popcorn as a health alternative.
  • Throw an annual party - While a Christmas do is normal for all industries and workplaces, consider throwing a summer bash and inviting your team's spouses and children. This convivial atmosphere will encourage positive work relationships, build rapport between different positions, make your staff feel valued and deter your employees from wanting to find a new job.
  • Join a Bike to Work Scheme - Investing in a Cycle to Work Scheme will not only help your employees afford a new bike, it will increase their health and vitality. This simple and affordable scheme will really show your employees that you are invested in their health and happiness.
  • Be flexible - While every industry is different, if you are able to allow your employees to be a bit more flexible in their working hours you can really build loyalty. People with children (or even pets) need a little bit of extra time here and there, and encouraging your staff to work from home now and then will make them feel that you value their time and trust them to self manage.

While each of these tips may not seem revolutionary, they can really have a massive impact on how your employees feel when they are at work. Try implementing one or more and see if your employee retention improves.