Your employer brand - 5 easy ways to increase the value.

Your employer brand - 5 easy ways to increase the value.


As the owner or manager of a business, you are likely concerned about your reputation as an employer - after all, your standing in the industry will determine the level of quality and the number of applicants that you attract to any open position you are looking to fill.

Remember, the better the applicant quality that you attract, the less likely you are to rapidly cycle through employees. Constantly advertising for, hiring - and then training - new staff members costs a lot of money, and these unnecessary costs can eat up your bottom line.

The simplest solution?

Increase the value of your employer brand so that you attract the best in the business and then retain top talent in your organisation. Here are five easy (and cost effective) ways to make your reputation as an employer stand out from the crowd.

Ask yourself key questions

Before you embark on the process of increasing your employer branding, you should begin by asking yourself some key questions. These will help you define exactly what you have to offer and how you will communicate it to those in the industry.

  • - Why would someone want to work for you?
    - What can you offer an employer?
    - Is there room for growth in your organisation? In five years? In ten years?
  • Maximise the impact of your social media presence - By now, we all know that a social media presence is key to attracting customers and setting a brand apart from competitors - but do you place the same value on using social media to communicate with potential employees? When composing social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and the like, make sure that you are portraying your company as a fantastic place to work.
  • Make small changes that matter - Did you know that even small, affordable changes around your office can have a huge impact on how happy your employees feel in their jobs? Your office atmosphere (including room for promotions, a positive feeling in meetings, congenial greetings) along with small perks such as free tea, coffee and healthy snacks can all increase the positive work environment. This feeling will trickle down to the public, and your company will gain a positive employer reputation.
  • Gain recognition - Want to win the hearts and minds of countless potential employees across your industry? Try to get the attention of local employer awards and hopefully even win some accolades. Employer branding awards such as Reed Business Information RAD Awards will increase your profile and get you noticed for the right reasons.
  • Get involved in the community - Your potential employees want to feel that they are contributing to a corporation that cares about the community and the planet. One of the best ways that you can show that you believe in corporate altruism is to encourage your staff to volunteer for great causes while 'on the clock.' Remember to get involved yourself- this is a great way to build camaraderie with your team!