5 top recruitment blogs that you need to start reading today.

5 top recruitment blogs that you need to start reading today.


If you are involved in the recruitment field (or are simply on the hunt for a new job yourself), you should be immersing yourself in the world of fantastic recruitment blogs. While we think our blog is pretty great, we thought that we would share five of our other favourites with you. Happy reading!

Sirona Says - Winner of the UK Recruiter Recruitment Blog of the Year, this blog is as witty as it informative. Get ready to learn through cartoons, fun articles and quotes. This blog will always lend itself well to links for your social media account, as they are well written and easy to understand.

Undercover Recruiter - This is the most popular recruitment blog in the UK, and once you peruse the site you will see why – it includes employer hiring suggestions, career management tips, infographics, social media advice and updates from the industry. Eminently useful.

Recruiting Blogs - This incredibly useful blog was founded in 2007, and it really is a hub for everything that you need to know. White papers, an HR job board, job seeker's tips and more“ head here for valuable information.

ERE Media - ERE was on the scene early, as this blog was founded in 1998! Navigate here for useful advice and a lot of experience when it comes to running a successful online platform through changing trends and technologies.

Matt Charney - A veteran of the recruitment industry with a sharp wit and a brutally honest sensibility, Matt Charney tells it like it is. His blog is entertaining, fun to read and above all – really useful for anyone involved in the recruitment industry.