Interview Tips

We are qualified in helping people prepare for interviews, so don't hesitate to ask when looking into new opportunities.

We want to give you the best opportunity when it comes to looking for your new role.
Our team can provide as much advice on interview technique as you need.

Preparation Advice

If you are attending an interview through The Clever Fish, please do not hesitate to get in touch for any advice and support you require before attending your interview. We've put together some tips and pointers to consider when preparing for your interview.

The objective of the interview is the same for both the individual and the company - you want the job and they want to fill the vacancy! By preparing for the interview you will present yourself in the best possible way and also establish whether the company and position are right for you.

Enthusiasm & Motivation

ALL companies want to employ individuals who demonstrate a motivation and enthusiasm for the company and the role.Β Its important to show that you proactively prepared for the interview.

Client Knowledge

  • Find out everything you possibly can about the company
  • History of the company
  • Locations, employees, turnover
  • Customers, markets
  • Competitors
  • Websites, Libraries, Word of mouth
  • Contact the company prior to your interview

Product Knowledge

  • What does the company do?
  • What do they manufacture (if relevant?)
  • What does the product do?
  • Any links with your previous experience?
  • Who is the product aimed at?
  • What do you think about the product?

What do the company want and what do I have?

The interview is a matching up process. List out what the client/role is looking for and prepare examples that demonstrate that you have the necessary experience to provide the solution. If possible take along written examples and any testimonials and copies of qualifications, if relevant.

Don't try and be something you are not, if you don't have what they want tell them, but offer alternatives. Be prepared for the "HR" type questions: What are your strengths and weaknesses, why do you want the job, why should we offer you the job.

What do I want and what does the company have?

The matching up process is two way. Whilst it is important to demonstrate motivation and enthusiasm, ensure it is realistic, i.e. don't expect to be Managing Director within a month. Companies can be put off by people who are too ambitious, believing the role is beneath them or the person will leave after a short time.

Ask the questions that will tell you if the job is right or not.

Don't ask about salary etc., we will cover all these points for you before the next stage. If asked, state you want to concentrate on what the role and responsibilities of the job is. If the job isn't right the salary is irrelevant. Prepare your questions in detail – remember it is not a perfect world, therefore possibly produce two lists, desirable and essential. If your questions are answered during the interview, tell them so – it is better to do this than to say you have no questions. If you have prepared properly, when you call us after the interview with your feedback you should be able give a clear yes or no as to whether you want the job or not. For more advice on questions to ask during interviews, please read our blog's advice on interview questions to ask.

What doubts do the company have about offering you the job?

This is your opportunity to find out how the interview has gone and also cover any concerns the company may have about offering you the job. You are much better placed to overcome any objectives than we will ever be. Should they have concern and you don't have the experience, offer an alternative.

Demonstrate why you want to work for the company.

If the company/position is right – tell them. Summarise the interview and demonstrate why it is the right position and you want the job. Ask them what happens next, this will finish the interview in a positive point and will set you apart from someone who has the same skills but not the motivation.


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