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Adam Dyson

Meet Adam Dyson, a dedicated recruitment professional with a personal touch. With his extensive experience and genuine passion for connecting the right candidates with the perfect positions, Adam brings a human touch to the recruitment process.

As head of the Clever Fish family, Adam understands the importance of building strong relationships with clients and candidates. He specialises in various sectors, including office, IT, technical, engineering, managerial, industrial, and commercial roles.

Based in Yorkshire, Adam combines his local presence with a national scope, making him well-equipped to assist clients and candidates across different locations. He takes the time to truly understand the needs of his clients and provides clear communication.

Adam's commitment lies in finding the ideal candidates who not only match the job requirements but also fit seamlessly into the client's business culture. With a warm and personable approach, he ensures that both clients and candidates feel valued and supported throughout the process.

When you work with Adam and the Clever Fish team, you're not just another client or candidate – you become part of their extended family. Experience the difference of a recruitment process that puts people first and allows you to achieve your business or career goals with confidence.

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Victoria Dyson

Victoria Dyson brings over 20 years of recruitment expertise and a personalised touch to her role as a dedicated consultant. With a genuine passion for connecting candidates with their perfect positions, Victoria has established herself as a trusted professional in the industry.

As an esteemed member of the Clever Fish family, Victoria specialises in industrial and commercial recruitment across diverse sectors. She has honed her skills in understanding client needs and identifying candidates who align with the company's values and culture.

Victoria's career in recruitment began at a Huddersfield agency, where she quickly progressed to become a skilled consultant. Throughout her journey, she has built strong client relationships and a reputation for delivering exceptional candidates.

Based in Yorkshire, Victoria combines her local expertise with a broad network, allowing her to effectively serve clients and candidates across different locations. She prioritises open and transparent communication, ensuring that all parties feel supported and well-informed throughout the recruitment process.

With Victoria and the Clever Fish team, you gain access to a personalised recruitment experience that places your unique requirements at the forefront. Victoria's commitment to your success and her warm approach will guide you toward finding the ideal candidate or securing the perfect career opportunity.

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For candidates, we provide promising positions at a growing range of UK companies.

We work with some of the largest companies in the UK to help them connect with talented people like you, but our service goes far beyond that. With the Clever Fish recruitment agency, you can forget about making phone calls that go unreturned, and make lacklustre interview or CV feedback a thing of the past - we're here to assist you on your journey with recommendations and career positions that are perfectly suited to you.

We know how important it is to find the right balance between candidates, employers and recruitment partners.

Whether you're looking for an office job or engineering role we understand this means only one thing- It's all about finding that perfect accord so everyone can work together towards achieving their common goal - filling the position of interest with talent like you.

We also know that the average candidate's job search experience can be disheartening and so we strive to optimise your job search experience by providing resources and assistance at every stage. We take time to listen and understand your requirements, as well as aspirations, so that you can be confident in our recommendations for positions that will suit both yourself AND any employer who takes a chance on hiring someone new!

Finally, we provide constructive and concrete feedback - should you not land a position that you hoped for, we'll assist you in overcoming any potential interviewing hurdles so that next time, you're successful.

For employers, we offer recruitment solutions, not merely 'fill them fast' candidates.

Traditional recruitment is problematic, undermined by poor processes, a lack of focus on a solution over sales and often impersonal - turning off candidates and frustrating employers. We are the personable alternative. We don't find the first available candidate, we source the best talent as part of our trusted and proven process.

You won't find another agency with our level of experience or knack for success. We've proven time and again that we can fill positions at all levels, from engineers though to senior executive roles.

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The Clever Fish have a strong local presence and national scope. Wherever you are based, whether client or candidate, we can help.

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